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The Glidepath program at Destination Hope & Recovery (DHR) offers a targeted suite of services designed to support individuals facing the dual challenges of behavioral health conditions and employment barriers. At its core, Glidepath aims to provide these individuals with the tools and support necessary to achieve stable employment and financial independence. Central to the program are the roles of the Benefit Planner and Supported Employment Specialist, who work closely with participants to navigate the complex interplay between employment, health benefits, and recovery. This comprehensive approach not only focuses on connecting participants with meaningful employment opportunities but also ensures they are equipped to manage and maximize their entitlements, laying a foundation for sustainable independence.

Our priority population includes FCS-eligible clients who are navigating the challenges of recovery from substance use disorders or managing mental health conditions. This population often faces significant obstacles in achieving employment and financial stability, compounded by the stigma associated with their conditions. By focusing on these individuals, the Glidepath program aims to dismantle barriers to employment through personalized support, advocacy, and access to resources, ensuring that all participants have the opportunity to engage fully in their communities and lead fulfilling lives.

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